- annotations -

Well here's a lot to explain.
every sound and character has it's own story.
So if you really wanna find out what is about
all that crazy oddities in that orchard,
you should read the lines bellow or better,
we should talk with some wine on the table


--- The Story ---

The elf is happy in the woods where he plays flute all day long through the green leaves in the forest and the many colored flowers. One day, while looking for a lovelier place to play, he finds the miraculous place about which everybody talks about a lot: The OOO. He is dazzled and mesmerized by the many colors and many novel things he has come across. So he stays for a while here staring at those oddities with the jaws opened. When he wakes up, he realizes that he has lost and is in a foreign land that he don't know nothing about, does not like it and worst of all, can not play freely the flute in silence among his beloved flowers, because there was always a major commotion going on. So he wants to go back, but he needs to find somehow a way out of the orchard. He goes to the first he met, called Cubiculshamp, but all that he gets is a glass of wine and an invitation to stay with that strange creature, to drink all day long and be merry. Of course, this is not Daedals intentions. So he goes further. The next oddity is a strange two legged fat horse called Fatorsie, which says he can take him out and ask the elf to climb on his back. As Fatorsie had only two legs, after a few steps they fall to the ground. Disappointed, Daedals goes further and after a hard and long search finally meets Marcheval, who is the highest in rank among all those creatures. Marcheval will definitively help him to find a way out. Indeed, the mighty one shows him a way to get out, namely, crossing an expanse of water. On the other side there are the woods that Daedals left for the Orchard of Oddities. Daedals is delighted and jumps in the water and swims across to the long awaited shore. He enjoys again the sight and his beloved flowers, but when he tries to play the flute he realize that it's rusty. Disappointed and very tired, he fells asleep and dreams about the past and he knows deep inside that, when he awakes everything will be as before.


The Orchard:

It represents the nowadays world: colorful, attractive, wild, strange but very shallow and sly. You could easily get lost in it. Moreover you get attached to it, so once you've been there, you cannot escape easily. (That is, you cannot be really free with a clear, unconstrained mind)

The characters:

They are in fact...teachers, masters that you look for in this world, persons that can teach you things not written in any books. Some are the wrong ones and does not have a clue where they are (Cubiculshamp), others are inexperienced and do not have the power to carry on a pupil (see Fatorsie). But, of course, there are also real teachers like our Marcheval.


He's the first to be asked about a way out and, as expected, the elf gets no answer from him. He represents the man who works in cubicles and in the evening drops off drunk under the table. He is in a permanent state of complacency and his horizon is limited. He says something about Carpe Diem, he's drinking all day long and he's lazy. He neither wants to help the elf to get out, nor knows the way.


He's a more evolved creature. In fact, the elf tries to find a master to show him the way out (the truth). In this case, Fatorsie is full of good will but cannot take the elf very far. His knowledge is rather limited. This is shown by the fact that they fall down after a few steps. Fatorsie is too weak to carry out such a task.


He represents the mighty ones, those who have the power to do good and bad in their hands. He can help the elf to get out. He tells the Elf that the only way out is to cross an expanse of water.


The elf is the child who grows up and finds himself all of a sudden in the real world. That is, unfortunately, what living is all about these days: a job and lots of distractions that keeps you away from the real things. He looks for a lovelier place to play the flute, where his imagination could easily be fed i.e. when we are teenagers, we want to go in "a greater place" but we don't know at all what exactly that means, what is awaiting us. His mind is blown out and put in square shape by the material world. He tries to regain that peace of mind that he used to have when he was a child. But, unfortunately, living in the "orchard" means that you unwillingly get contaminated by it, and it's very hard to go back to what you used to be. This is suggested by the flute that gets wet and rusty when the elf swims through the waters of the orchard. He gets wet, but he will dry, however, the flute will never work again. This means that you are strong and in time the wounds will heal, but some part from you will never be the same again.